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August 06, 2019

For those of you going ‘through it’ right now, I promise the water doesn’t stay so choppy and you are not alone!
 We are all in the same big sea, on different ships, with different passengers and baggage and working with different life saving devices.  
 Whatever storm your in, about to head into or just came out of, just know, you are the Captain.  This is your ship to sail.  How you choose to navigate through those choppy waters is as unique as a thumb print.  
  But storms pass and the sea continues to flow.  You develop skills and those skills are crucial to how you handle your next storm, because, let’s be honest, there is always another storm.  And never never be afraid to ask for help.  

This week I am available the following times for appointments:
Tuesday 12:30-2:00
Wednesday 1:30-3:30
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