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    Depending on the needs of the clients, we will travel all over the country. All costs for travel shall be paid for by client. 

    Our private clients range from about 13 years old to 70, but mostly 35-60 range. Our industry clientele are stylists, photographers, and other costume designers. 

    We think of the Studio like a mini department store.  We offer not only clothing, but also, jewelry, handbags, shoes and any accessory you can imagine.

    Our merchandise comes from many sources including clients, estate sales, retail stores, and directly from designers.

    We also work with Photographers and Magazines as Editorial Stylists. We can provide and coordinate services such as, hair & make up, photography and brand consulting, to name a few. 

    Both.  When doing closet editing with our clients, we will hand select pieces to resell in the studio, but we also offer brand new merchandise, tags on, never owned, from boutiques from all over the country at less than retail costs.

    Consignment items are paid out 45% of sale price or a flat buy out amount will be offered for the inventory. The Style Sanctum dictates what the sale price of the merchandise will be and if there are any discounts.  Payout to clients/vendors is completed upon request or used as a credit against services or purchases.  There is no contract and no time limitation on how long we will hold onto merchandise.  Items will never be discarded or donated without the consent of the client/vendor.  Client/Vendors wishing to take back their inventory simply need to give us two weeks' notice to gather inventory.

    Rentals rates are based on one day rentals. The rate doubles on the second day and triples for days 3-7. All items shall be dry cleaned and returned in like-same condition. Some wear and tear is expected, but any damages, lost or stolen items shall be the responsibility of the rentor and their credit card will be charged the full retail value of said item.