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August 06, 2019

I was trying to come up with something inspirational for this weeks email, so I decided to rummage thru some of my photos until one gave me a moment to pause.  
 My daughter made this in Hebrew school one day, not sure exactly what the intent was, but when I look at this, what translates to me is two things, the first and most obvious is being stuck.  The second reminds me of a phase I heard “fix your ponytail and handle it”!
  I think I mentioned recently that I have been sinking a bit in my own shit.  We all have those moments when it seems impossible to be able to climb out of it, however, just when you think you have no more struggle left in you, that is when you pull your ponytail tighter and pull yourself out of your shit and move forward.  You WILL be exhausted from the struggle, it WILL leave you mentally taxed but you WILL learn from the experience and you WILL move on.
  I know this for myself and I know this for you.  For me, it allowed for a ‘lightbulb’ moment.  With that I know comes some work, but I also know from the past times I’ve been stuck, that it’s necessary and what I’ll gain from it will be worth the struggle.
 You are not alone even though you feel like you are.  If you ever need someone to talk to with no judgement
 I am here for you.  I truly mean that.

Ok, Onto business.  I have so much new inventory right now that it’s overflowing!!!   I’ll be offering random sales throughout the next couple of weeks, so book your appointments soon!!!

I’m available this week and this Saturday for appointments!!

Look forward to seeing you!