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August 06, 2019

As Those of you that have followed my emails know, I’ve been going thru a bit of a transformation of late.  What I couldn’t pinpoint was what was holding me there.

Last week, I had a session with my mentor, my end of month Check-in with my coach and a rather intense appointment with my acupuncturist (I told you, it’s takes a village!). Each told me the same thing in a different way, “it’s time for me to take the leap into my intuitive access and leave fear behind”.  That would mean to leave behind doubt, walk into the unknown, put my faith in the universe to lead me, trust myself-my journey, and most importantly, leave fear in the rear view mirror!!  Pretty tall fucking order, right?!  But one I knew was needed.

I decided tonight to use a brand new tarot deck.  I asked the cards what I needed to move forward.   It is not lost on me that the very first card I pulled was the Death card.  Now before you spazz out....Read the explanation of the card.  It’s simply about letting go of what’s not working, letting go of what you ‘think’ things should be.  
 I needed this tonight.  I want to let go of what’s not working, I want to move into new and exciting and be inspired.  I want to move into a part of myself that I have only seen glimmers of.  I’ve been given my guidance and I am going for it, I hope you do too.