Last week I talked about finding your Spirit Animal.  My hope was that it would give you pause to slow down and take notice of the world around you.  To me, a Spirit Animal is just another sign and signs are always around us.  
 I see signs every day.  TONS! It’s what makes me feel grounded.  One of my constant Spirit Animals is a Spider.  I was sitting in my car on Wednesday and saw this rainbow and then saw this crazy spider out of the corner of my eye.  Then on Thursday I was in TJ Maxx and saw these t-shirts!  And I bumped into someone on Tuesday and it was one of those crazy instances when I was exactly where I was meant to be. 
  The full moon on Saturday night was about ‘a climatic flipping point in your journey’.  I love the sound of that!  I’m ready for that.  I DESERVE that. And you do too.  
 In the next couple of weeks, I will be introducing a new Blog, some tweaks to The Style Sanctum and most of all, some changes within myself.
I’m excited to not only walk you thru your changes but also to get you dressing the part!