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August 06, 2019

 This week, I want to talk about Spirit Animals.
 When I first began my journey into the metaphysical world, I started hearing and seeing signs of a Scarab.  I had never heard of this insect before and in the course of a week, it came up four or five times.  Like with everything else I was learning, I had to look up the meaning and to my astonishment, this was what I read,  “Opening one up to an entirely different atmosphere”.  NO JOKE.  From that moment forward, I have had many Spirit Animals during different times of struggle in my life.  Each time, I’ve learned something not only about the animal but also myself.
 When a particular animal keeps coming across your path, in real life or in a picture or an animal you keep hearing about, take note.  Google Spirit Totem Animals and look to see the meaning.  You will be amazed at the connection between the spiritual meaning and what you are currently experiencing in your life.
  We all need something that connects or grounds us.  In many ways clothing can do the same thing.  When we get dressed and look in the mirror, we want to see something that makes us feel good, inside and out.
 I hope these pictures inspire you to seek out your Spirit Animal or at the very least, seek out pieces of clothing that speak to you in a way that changes how you see yourself.
Look forward to seeing you!!